Oddities Guitars


Shawn Conway

The Luthier

As a young guitatist, Shawn Conway felt attracted to lutherie and started his studies at Lutherie-Guitare Bruand at the age of 18.

After three years, Shawn Conway completed Bruand course with the first prize of excellence. Through those years, he had the chance to learn with luthiers such as Jef Demers, René Wilhelmy, Hugues Lefort and Pier Bergeron.

Shawn Conway didn’t lose time; the week of his graduation, he participated to the CAM. He eventually participated to many other events such as Sonore Fest and the Salon des Métiers d’Art de Montréal.

Established in Longueuil, Shawn Conway shares his work shop with Pier Bergeron as well as other guitar makers where he creates his instruments and offer his repair services.

Oddities Guitars

Oddities Guitars started in 2018 with a modern and peculiar brand image while keeping a touch of tradition.

We quickly decided to privilege indigenous wood instead of exotic wood for environmental reasons and to help local enterprises.

At Oddities Guitars, we choose woods that offers exceptional sound as well as unique aesthetics.

We use simple and elegant designs that highlights the natural beauty of woods.